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Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 64 oz.

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 64 oz.
New formula is thicker, easier to apply, and is guaranteed not to sling!

Dress your tires for success with the best tire gel money can buy!

The formula in Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel is not only safe—it does its job with excellence! This ultra long-lasting gel is a unique butyl- and butyl ether-free compound; instead, relying on super polymers, various rubber protectants, and advanced glosses to lend a deep satin finish to the tires.

Black Onyx Tire Gel is a VOC compliant formula containing no alcohols, and no petroleum distillates. One application will give tires a deep, black enhanced surface that can only be described as a rich onyx. It protects and beautifies–putting a virtual barrier between your tires and the elements, combating the effects of road and weather conditions. 

The thicker gel consistency of Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel ensures even distribution of product and allows it to remain in place long enough to really cure. This provides maximum tire enhancement while it eliminates messy, unattractive sling-off onto body panels.

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel gives tires a deep, dark luster
Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel creates a glossy, protective finish.

Tires won’t dull or brownout with frequent use of Pinnacle Black Onyx. You’ll enjoy weeks of semi-gloss satin sheen that will make even older tires look refreshed and enriched. The super polymer emulsion actually resists water and detergents, allowing the gel to cling to tire wall through rain and washings.

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel is definitely not your typical tire dressing—it is much more than a means to an end. Besides giving an unsurpassed end product, Black Onyx moisturizes the rubber and helps prevent dry rot and dulling over time. It’s great for revving up the appearance of parched tires, preparing your car for a show, or simply for producing and maintaining gorgeous, protected tires—for weeks compared to other products’ days!

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel creates a polished rich, natural satin finish on your tires. We were determined to achieve a long lasting, semi-gloss formula because tires should accentuate the car’s finish, not compete. However, if you prefer a glossier finish, it can be layered to achieve a spectacular glistening shine.

It’s easy to keep your tires looking fantastic! You anticipate two weeks of ‘dressed-looking’ black tires under most driving conditions, including a couple of washings! Pinnacle quality assurance stands behind our safe formula that guarantees satisfying, long-lasting results.

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel does not sling!
Apply a thin coat of Black Onyx Tire Gel with a Flex Foam Applicator.
Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel spreads thin and dries to the touch
You can vary the level of gloss by how many coats you apply.


  1. Rinse your wheels with water, one wheel at a time.
  2. Spray a light mist of Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate over the entire wheel. Agitate with a wheel brush and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Next, clean the tires using Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. Agitate with a stiff tire brush and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Dry with a Black Microfiber Towel to prevent water spots.
    NOTE: Do not use a tire/wheel towel on your paint.
  5. Now your ready for the finishing step with Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel. Once the tire is totally clean, apply a thin layer of gel with a Flex Foam Applicator.
  6. To increase gloss, wait 10 minutes and apply another thin coat.
  7. To decrease gloss, wait 10 minutes and wipe the tires with a towel.
  8. Allow Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel to cure for 15 minutes before driving.

Tires and what you should know about them

Thoroughly cleaning your tires with Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate will do wonders for restoring the rich, black appearance of your tires.  This concentrated all purpose cleaner was formulated without caustic ingredients that are harmful to you and the environment. Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate will even remove browning caused by other tire gels. This eco-friendly all purpose cleaner is gentle enough to use on interior surface as well.

Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate removes browing from tiresThe most vital step in tire care is the regular application of a tire dressing, like Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel.  You see, tire manufacturers add in a chemical compound called antiozonant.  This compound protects tires from cracking and dry rot and it does this by continually working its way to the outer surface when you drive your car at speed.

As the antiozonant in the rubber is exposed to ozone in the air, it turns brown on your tires.  This phenomenon is called blooming.  Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel replenishes the rubber using natural conditioners that won’t deplete the natural antiozonants in the tire.  Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel is a dual-purpose product; meaning it protects and beautifies your tires.

64 oz.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

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Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 64 oz.
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Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 64 oz.
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Cave Creek, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Product
February 4, 2015
I originally tried the product via a free sample included with an order and was pleased with the result. The gel is easy to use and very fast to apply when using the Carrand Final Touch Tire Shine Applicator. Even before the sample bottle was used, the larger 64 ounce container was ordered with dispensing pump. Unlike other tire dressing products which leave a high shine, a single application of this gel leaves an even "new tire" appearance. A second application will increase shine if desired. The patina of the tire will change as the product dries. The product takes a few minutes to be absorbed into the tire and dry, so you should wait to drive the car until the product completely dries to prevent splatter.