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1Z Einszett Waterless Wash

1Z Einszett Waterless Wash
Not your average waterless wash!

1Z Einszett Waterless Wash is a gloss-intensive, polymer-boosted waterless wash that promises to safely remove dirt and grime while increasing the gloss and slickness of your vehicle’s finish. Formulated using a complex blend of cleaners and polymers, 1Z Einszett Waterless Wash is more accurately described as a quick detail spray on steroids! 1Z Einszett Waterless Wash makes it quick and easy to wash your vehicle when a hose and bucket are not available.

1Z Einszett Waterless Wash offers a quick, easy way to wash your car – without a hose and bucket! The slick, lubricious formula ensures dirt and grime is effortlessly removed, keeping your vehicle swirl and scratch free. A quick spray and wipe will reveal an incredibly glossy, slick finish that looks like you just waxed it. 1Z Einszett Waterless Wash removes dirt and intensifies gloss in one step!

Use 1Z Einszett Waterless Wash when a conventional wash isn’t possible. Whether you live in Australia, a country where it’s illegal to wash your car with a hose and bucket, or if you simply live in apartment and don’t have access to a hose and bucket, 1Z Einszett Waterless Wash provides a SAFE, effective solution for keeping your vehicle clean and shiny.

1Z Einszett Waterless Wash can also be used as a quick detail spray. This gloss-intensive formula is compatible with all waxes and sealants. Best of all, it only takes minutes to apply!

500 ml. (16.9 oz.)
Made in Germany

1Z Einszett Waterless Wash
Item #: EIN-911405
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1Z Einszett Waterless Wash
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